Logitech G300 Gaming Wired Gaming Mouse

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Features Of Logitech G300 Gaming Wired Gaming Mouse:

  • Enter into a world of new gaming possibilities with the Logitech Gaming Mouse G300. The optical mouse provides optimal precision and can be used for a variety of activities like gaming
  • Image editing and 3D modelling. The mouse is compatible with an array of operating systems like Windows 7
  • Vista and XP
  • Making it easy to use as soon as you switch it on. Body The Logitech G300 has a classy and a futuristic design. The mouse has smooth matte finish that does not attract stains and smudge marks. This makes it easy to handle the mouse as you don’t have to worry about constantly cleaning it. The G300 provides superior grip as it is equipped with rubberized coating. This is helpful as you can enjoy extended gaming sessions
  • Without worrying about any discomfort or fatigue. The mouse has 9 programmable buttons in total. These include right- and left-click buttons along with the scroll wheel. Just below the scroll wheel are 2 buttons. 2 more buttons are available on either side of the left- and right-click buttons. The buttons are smooth to press and provide accurate feedback. The mouse boasts of an ambidextrous design. This feature makes it easy for both right and left-handed users to use the mouse without any discomfort. The G300 can be easily connected to your computer through a USB port. The Logitech mouse has customizable lights that can change color according to your preference. There are eight light colors to choose from
  • Making it a visually appealing product. Performance The buttons available in the Logitech G300 provide extensive usability as they can be customised according to your preference. This gives you more freedom to access functions within games and other applications. The mouse has a wide 2500 dpi sensor
  • Giving it speed and faster movement. Built with 1000 Hz polling
  • The G300 has a 1 ms response time. This feature assists you in intense gaming matches as you can be ready every second and complete objectives successfully. The mouse can be used on almost any surface
  • Without any problem. The G300 can be configured as it supports 3 on-board game profiles. This allows you to activate a different profile for each game
  • Based on your necessities
  • Making it a nifty addition to your gaming arsenal.

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