Panasonic TH-50A410 50 Inch Full HD IPS LED TV @ 31% Discount

Panasonic TH-50A410
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Great Full HD LED TV at Great super saver price. Buy Panasonic TH-50A410 50 Inch Full HD IPS LED TV at 31% discount. This is a good feature reach 50 inch full HD television from panasonic. It comes with free Sony headphone as well.

Features and reviews of Panasonic TH-50A410 50 Inch Full HD IPS LED TV:

  • 50 inch Screen Size
  • Dynamic/Normal/Cinema/True Cinema/Game Picture Mode
  • 2 USB 2.0 x 1
  • 2 Rear HDMI
  • Panasonic TH-50A410 LED TV Brimming with Excellent Features to Give You One of a Kind Experience at Your HomeThe new high picture quality tv in the a410 series of televisions, Panasonic TH-50A410 LED is drawing more comsumers in the market with its super cool features. Super bright picture quality, advanced surround sound effect technology and slim stylish design-all these features are creating a buzz among the consumers , thereby making them want it at their home.
  • IPS LED Super Bright
  • The Panasonic LED TV reproduces clear images even in bright places. In addition to the IPS panel which has a wide-viewing angle, the high efficiency LED back-lighting, and high transmittance panel, the brightness increases by 15%. The result is crisp, clear and sharp images.
  • 100Hz Backlight Blinking

    Smooth Motion with Backlight Blinking provides smooth reproduction of Fast Motion images. You can control the back-lighting which results into images that are free of after images and flicker.

  • Wide Angle View

    This features ensure stunning images from almost every angle. Beautiful images are reproduced with exceptional brightness colour and contrast from every angle, courtesy of the IPS panel teamed up with excellent viewing angle characteristics.

  • Dot Noise Reduction

    Reduces random noise and creates clear crisp picture. Unique detection and correction technologies, reduce dot noise and a variety of content is displayed with perfection.

  • V-Audio

    The LED TV comes with advanced surround sound effect technology that produces high quality sound. Everyone in the room can hear great sound, thanks to the speaker unit with superb directional characteristics. Hence, sounds are reproduced with lifelike ambience.

Best LED TV at lowest price. Don’t miss chance to buy Panasonic TH-50A410 50 Inch Full HD IPS LED TV online.

Buy Panasonic TH-50A410 50 Inch Full HD IPS LED TV @ 31% Discount

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