Philips 50PFL4758 127 cm (50) LED TV @ 40% Off

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Features Of Philips 50PFL4758 127 cm (50) LED TV:

  • Make your life much more exciting by watching your favourite movies TV shows documentaries music concerts and much more on the Philips 50PFL4758 50 inch LED TV. Sublime Visuals The Philips 50PFL4758 integrates an LED-backlit LCD display with Full HD technology to produce unbelievably rich-textured crystal-clear images. Full HD TVs deliver an image resolution of 1920×1080 pixels which is one of the best possible picture resolutions that can be achieved in this modern age of technology. By combining unique image processing with a Perfect Motion Rate (refresh rate) of 120 Hz the Philips 50PFL4758 creates a blur-free and sharp series of images even when an action scene in a film gets too fast and wild. This TV has a high contrast ratio of 3000000:1 which brightens the darkest parts of pictures and meticulously brings out dark shades and colours. The slender and stylish design of this TV along with its mighty size make it ideal to be placed on your living room’s wall
  • Everyone in the room will be able to get a good view of all the action that is happening on the display screen as well. Effortless Connectivity If you want to watch a blockbuster film that only a friend of yours has but don’t know how don’t worry. Simply call your friend to your house and tell him to get the movie on a USB drive
  • You can connect the data storage device to your TV via the USB port and enjoy all of its digital contents (videos music and photos). Additionally you can connect external HD sources such as a gaming console smartphone computer or Blu-ray player to this TV in order to experience the data that they have to offer. Magnificent Sound Music will never feel the same once you listen to music on the Philips 50PFL4758’s powerful speakers which give a sound output of 20 watts. Philips’ Incredible Surround technology incorporates state-of-the-art electronic phase shifting and mixes sounds from the right and left channels in a way that improves the stereo effect and greatly enhances the depth and width of sounds produced.

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Buy Philips 50PFL4758 127 cm (50) LED TV @ 40% Off

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