SHARP LC-32LE341M 81.2 cm (32) LED TV @ 38% Off

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Buy SHARP LC-32LE341M 81.2 cm (32) LED TV @ 38% discount

Features Of SHARP LC-32LE341M 81.2 cm (32) LED TV:

  • If you are trying to find a TV that offers fantastic performance and great design then look no further as Sharp LC-32LE341M 32 inch LED TV is what you are looking for. Spectacular Visuals The Sharp LC-32LE341M sports an LED-backlit LCD display which produces rich images with great lucidity. This TV is certified HD Ready hence it delivers an image resolution of 1366×768 pixels
  • Watch your favourite movies with crystal-clear picture quality. A refresh rate of 50 Hz enhances motion sharpness and renders fast moving images in a blur-free clarity
  • Watch adrenalin-pumping action scenes down to the very last detail. Sharp’s High Quality Picture feature utilizes the Antenna Booster technology to improve picture quality by neutralizing bad signals. Other features such as 10-bit signal processing an active backlight a 24p signal input among a few others help in giving you an exquisite viewing experience. The slender design of this TV along with its big size makes it blend onto any wall in your living room
  • This also livens your home’s interior. A 176 degree viewing angle lets almost everyone in the room to get a good view of all that is happening on the display screen
  • Enjoy your favourite TV shows with your family and friends. Easy Connectivity All you need to do in order to watch a blockbuster film that a friend of yours has in his possession is invite him over and tell him to get the respective flick on a USB drive. Once he has arrived with the USB drive simply connect it to your TV via the USB port and enjoy all of the information that the data storage device has to offer such as videos music and photos. Furthermore you can connect external HD sources like a computer Blu-ray player gaming console or smartphone to your TV with an HDMI cable to experience their data. Superb Sound The Sharp LC-32LE341M boasts 2 speakers which give an impressive sound output of 10 watts. The Surround feature further enhances the way you experience sounds.

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Buy SHARP LC-32LE341M 81.2 cm (32) LED TV @ 38% Off

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