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Features Of Samsung 22F5100 55 cm (22) LED TV:

  • Enter a world of exciting entertainment by watching all your favourite TV shows action movies and much more on the Samsung 22F5100 22 inch LED TV. Visually Engrossing The LED-backlit LCD display of the Samsung 22F5100 is combined with Full HD technology to render images at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels the result of which is a magnificent TV that produces luscious and vibrant images which heighten your viewing experience. Full HD TVs deliver a resolution that is twice as much as typical HD TVs. Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technology greatly refines picture quality and brings out unseen visual information by incorporating an advanced picture quality improvement algorithm. Samsung’s Clean View feature enables this TV to exhibit extraordinary picture clarity by utilizing the Analog Noise Filter which eliminates visual distrubance that may be produced by air or cable sources. Sports Just Got More Interesting Don’t want to miss even a single detail of a cricket or football match? Well the Sports Mode of the Samsung 22F5100 lets you activate many impressive features through a simple shortcut so as to up your TV’s picture and sound quality
  • Now you can view the sporting action down to the last detail. The standard of sound of this TV is so engulfing that it makes you feel like you were in the stadium where the match that you are watching is going on. Effortless Connectivity Samsung’s ConnectShare Movie technology lets you link a USB drive or an external HDD to your TV so as to view the former’s digital contents (films music photos etc.) on the Samsung 22F5100’s remarkable display screen. What’s more? You can connect two external data storage devices to this TV and transfer data between them while you enjoy a TV show or any other virtual information that’s stored on the first of the two devices. Stunning Durability The Samsung 22F5100 comes equipped with an In-built Lightning Protector an In-built Surge Protector and an In-built Humidity Protector thereby making this TV very sturdy.

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Buy Samsung 22F5100 55 cm (22) LED TV @ 17% Off

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