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  • Light Weight and Portable – Handy and portable
  • This lightweight Insta Iron gives you quick ironing sessions.:: Clean Surface | Comfy Grip Handle – This Glamour Iron sports a super clean surface finished with pleasing aesthetics. The iron has a comfortable hand grip for a relaxed ironing session. :: Cool Touch Body – The Insta Maxx is equipped with a cool touch body. The cool touch body keeps you safe from accidental burns by keeping the body of the iron cool during the ironing session.::Swivel Cord – This Insta iron has a 360 degree swivel cord for ease of use. This swivel cord makes handling and moving of the iron comfortable and easy. Also
  • The cord prevents tangling of the wire. The length of swivel cord is 6.5 feet or approx. 2 meters
  • So that you may never fall short of length.

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Buy Insta Glamour Dry Iron Iron @ 42% Off

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